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Current Message Series
STRAIGHT OUTTA CHRISTMAS: Where Every Christian is From

Every Christian's origin is deeply embedded in the Christmas story. Explore where we come from as we take a look at some of the main characters of Christmas in our Advent series. 

Join us at 8:30 or 10:30 in Yuba City or online, or at 1pm in AltspaceVR or 3pm in VRChat!

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Cornerstone's Vision for Reaching Yuba-Sutter and Beyond

City on a Hill is a concept designed to create a physical space in our community to more clearly and fully represent the mission of Jesus. The Church in America has struggled to be relevant and approachable to the majority of its neighbors, relying too heavily on methods to get them to come to us. This has resulted in almost 90% of Yuba-Sutter residents not being involved in a Christian Church.  Cornerstone believes we need to be more visibly involved in the lives of our neighbors by going to them. Through the development of a physical location where all the 175,000 residents of Yuba-Sutter can be blessed by community-building experiences to encourage families, rebuild marriages, give hope to the downtrodden, and stimulate the economy by helping small businesses launch and thrive, we hope to offer our neighbors a small taste of the blessings of the Kingdom of God.

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Our Physical Location

Cornerstone Church of Yuba City

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