WHO ARE WE? VALUES Faith.Love.Mission.Jesus.


#                 notFear

Matthew 16:6-12

We are a community of calculated              -                      for Christ and His mission. No more fear: not in our lives nor in our church!


#                     notHate

1 Corinthians 13:2-8

We are a community of                    . All are welcome to come as they are to become something new in Christ.



#                          notMaintenance

Matthew 9:37-38

We are a community of movers & shakers. We are not content to be comfortable, but to carry our                  for Christ.




#                  notReligion

Luke 6:5-11

We are a community of                      -givers. We lead others to the Gospel, not the Law, because God did that for us.


We value Faith, Love, Mission, & JESUS!

City on a Hill Campaign and Vision Booklet