Kim and Jeanne’s Story 

We are Kim and Jeanne Peterson.  The Lord guided us into missions as a career in 1982, a year after we were married.  The details of how it happened are mind blowing and spirit thrilling.  Also, around the time the Lord was directing us to serve Him in this way He blessed us with our first son, Chris.  Dane joined the family in 1987.  Both boys grew up in our missions focused family and today both love the Lord and serve him with their families.  Chris and his wife and daughter live in Madrid.  Dane is in Ann Arbor with his wife and three boys.   

Our family has lived and served throughout Europe and on many other continents.  We are committed to being ambassadors everywhere.  When Jesus said, “Go into all the world” he meant bring The Bread of Life to every person in every place, all the time.  The world is starving!  Through our mission agency Proclaim International we have been able to live out our conviction to be salt and light worldwide.   

I, Kim am the Latin America Ministry coordinator for Proclaim.  Both Jeanne and I are fluent in Spanish.  Together, we have done many outreach trips to Spanish speaking countries and though grounded now, I am preaching via Zoom at a church in Lima, Peru and making plans for future trips.     

Presently, Jeanne and I are paying special attention to the people of North Africa.  Although most try to satisfy their spiritual hunger through Islam, many are discovering true food in Christ.  Jeanne and I are both musicians.  We have shared the delicious and filling Gospel message in Egypt during concerts but now a much broader region is our target for the gospel, the Muslim countries across North Africa.   

Two out of every three Muslims come to faith through dreams and visions or by Christian broadcasting.  80% of all people in North Africa have satellite television.  This is how those two facts relate.  The Lord opened the door for me to be part of a media/ministry team whose aim is to get the gospel to every home in North Africa through satellite television.  This is super exciting because we know that Muslims will be reborn by God’s power through this ministry.  We are filming testimonies of Muslims who have become Jesus believers, editing footage, and producing programming so that others in their lands can be encouraged to follow Christ as well.  There is much more we would love to share with you.  Please let us know if you have questions or want to know more.

When you pray please ask God to continue to ignite our hearts for his work.  Ask him to remind you to pray for hungry hearts in North Africa and for people right here where we spend most of our time.  Pray that none of us would settle for the “fast foods” around us but only what Jesus offers on His table. 


For The Bread of Life, 

Kim and Jeanne Peterson