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Life can be really hard and really painful.  We believe only God can truly help us through our times of trouble.  That is why we believe God’s Word, the Bible, is so important. Whether you are wrestling with your marriage, a parenting concern, single parenting, depression, anger, or something else, the Bible has answers for you. Our Biblical Counseling Ministry provides free biblical counseling to those seeking God’s answers to the questions and problems in their lives. After reviewing the following list of questions, please contact us if you would like to schedule a counseling session.

What can I expect from Biblical Counseling at Cornerstone Church?
  • You’ll receive answers from God’s Word, be encouraged in your successes, and exhorted to think and live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ.
  • You can expect that everything will be held in strict confidence except where, in the counselor’s judgment, there is a biblical requirement to involve others (e.g. criminal activity).
  • You can expect that our staff will care for you and treat you with respect. There are answers for dealing with whatever you might be facing. Many of our counselees see significant progress in 6-12 weeks.
Is there any hope for things to get better?
We believe God has given us all we need to know Him and to live in a way that is pleasing to Him. All our difficulties may not evaporate. However, when a person willingly submits to God’s instructions and clings to his promises there is hope and help.

Are the counselors qualified?
All of our counselors, whether they are pastors or laypersons, are continually being trained in biblical counseling.

What will be expected from you?
  • We ask you to be willing to learn and apply God’s way of handling problems.
  • We ask you to attend each week’s session and do weekly homework assignments that will encourage lasting change.
  • We ask you to give us a little time. Habits were not developed overnight and new habits will take several weeks to develop.
What does counseling cost?
Our counseling is free of charge

When is counseling available?
We have several counselors with varying schedules and we will work with you to find a time that fits.

Please use the form below to contact us if you would like to schedule a counseling session.  You can also call our church office at 530-674-3087 or email
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