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This is a Men's Bible Study group for Cornerstone VR, led by Tom McFerran.

Tom is 60 Years old has raised his family of 7 children and is enjoying his 5 grandchildren.

He has been in Church ministry and personal ministry since High School – 44 years.

Tom accepted Christ at the age of 6 in a service at North Phoenix Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tom attended several Bible Schools and courses from 2 different seminaries.

He has spent many years leading youth from JR High to College. Over 8 years with his family leading services and serving in nursing homes.

Tom has always worked while in ministry, holding various positions as owner, manager, supervisor and after he became disabled various hourly wage positions with Walmart, Goodwill, and The Gap.

As mobility has declined, several heart attacks and Covid, God has been gracious allowing Tom to be active in VR. Tom is a newbie in the world of VR, and being 60 years old, new to the technology… but again God has been gracious and using him as a passionate teacher of God’s word.

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