Parents of gamers,
Pastor Jason & Allan Palma are starting a new ministry for your gamer kids called “gG: goodGod Gaming”.  Your kids will play from home, log into the group, or watch the live stream bible study on Twitch.  If you are like us, you know how hard it is to find redemptive value in our kids’ video games.  But video games and technology are not going away.  Throughout the centuries, the Church has done its best when it has met the culture where it’s at and brought Jesus into its new communities.  The gamer culture is a new and influential community in our digital world.  [NOTE: You do not have to be a student at Cornerstone to participate. It is open to ALL interested students!]

We want to help your kids engage in Bible study and discipleship...while playing video games!  Impossible, you say?  With God, all things are possible!  Crazy, you say?  Probably, but it’s a crazy world, and in order to win it for Christ, we need creative methods to match its craziness!  So, the goal of this group is to influence your kids for Christ in a new way so they can influence their world for Christ in a new day!

This group will be open for all 5th graders to high schoolers and young adults.  We know there is a diversity of Christian opinions about what is appropriate with games and media.  Right now, we are open to a variety of game options.  Decisions on the games we will play and the meeting schedule for the group will come later as we get feedback from you.  Will you want your kid(s) to participate?  And what is your comfort level for game type?  We understand this group may not be for everyone.  Please remember this is just one discipleship option for your kids among many at Cornerstone. 

If you and your kids are interested in participating in gG, please fill out the questionnaire below. 

Our current studies are on Wednesdays at 5:30pm PST and Sundays at 3pm PST. Please complete the form below or email Pastor Jason for more information!

Going Beastmode for Jesus,

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