THE VISION:  As a church TOGETHER, we want to plant 10,000 Gospel seeds in the next 10 years. 

A "seed" is the planting of an "experience with Jesus" in the life of an unchurched person through the relational interaction of a Jesus follower. It can involve a personal, hospitality event; the sharing of the gospel; and/or coming to church or a church event through an invite. The key for this 10,000 seeds in 10 years goal: we are looking for "deep plantings" not superficial ones. The planting must involve deeper relational connection. For example, having an unchurched friend to your house for dinner is a deep planting. If you invite someone to your house, but they never come, this is not a deep planting, though it is still good you invited them.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." (Matthew 9:37-38 ESV)

“Go therefore and make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19 ESV)


The Stories

Celebrate the planting of Gospel Seeds with us!

I did it a little different, I roll like that sometimes.. I decided to break my 5 bucks up in half.. I typed up 2 of my favorite verses, and put the money in 2 dif envelopes, with a verse in each envelope.. I gave one to a client of mine at work, who was telling me about his rough day, I listened as he reeled off thing after thing, and it was only 11:30am, and he had had 2 flat tires, and a few other things already go not so smoothly.. as he was walking away, I told him to hold up, and I walked with him a bit, and told him to hang in there, etc.. also that I had gone to church on Sunday, and the 'crazy' pastor told us to bless someone this week, so I told him to go get a burger or some coffee, or soda, or whatever, and told him to have a better second half to his day.. on the other envelope, I was getting some gas at the gas station, just right after work, and I saw a guy I see a lot on the street(s), and I told him a very similar thing, etc. -and told him to have a blessed day, etc..

My wife has the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus with tenants at the apartment complex where we live. She does this by showing a genuine interest in their needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Just was asked how my day was going by the host at Red Robin. I told him I was getting ready for Easter and that Cornerstone was offering FREE family portraits. He asked me more about it and where the church was. He said he was interested in getting a photo with his family. I told he was welcome at Cornerstone!

I have been praying for one of my neighbors and we have known each other for 15 plus years. We have talked about "God" stuff several times. Today I gave him two books to read. They are both about having a relationship with Jesus. We had a deeper conversation about his relationship with Jesus. He told me that several friends have been praying for him and are having conversations with him about Jesus.

I have partnered in Prayer and encouragement for a Church Planting ministry in the Municipality of Bauan, in the province of Batangas, Philippines. It has a population of 91,297 people., and the first Church service and Bible Study, attended by over 30 people, was held this past Sunday in a local hotel meeting room. Prayer for the Husband/Wife planting team, and their two sons, is encouraged daily.

My step sister calls herself a Christian Buddhist. She has had a tough life and has Disscociative Identity Disorder (2 alters) and lots of health issues. Last night she texted and asked if I would share my testimony with her! It went well and she thanked me for telling her my experience. We'll see!

Continually praying for salvation and return of family members to Christ. I was able to take time this last week with family in a different environment. Praying, singing hymns and sharing how God watches over and takes care of us was received with loving comments. Still praying as He will answer in His time.

"Got to share the Gospel with a Muslim friend named B. (as well as several others who were listening into our conversation)"

"Had a long conversation with A and one of her unbelieving friends about how I know that everything will be alright in the end because God is in control and faith in Him allows me to have peace and hope even when the world is in chaos."

"Got to plant, water and tend to a seed for person named "R" this year. But still waiting on the harvest!!"

"After celebrating in A Prayer Breeze with MD about their child being a boy, we had a really good discussion on whether people who are generally good can get into heaven without believing in Jesus forgiving their sins. The conversation went to the Epic of Gilgamesh as possibly the oldest religion creating the idea of the flood that Moses may have taken from (or just confirms further that the flood was a real event as I pointed out), taking a dip into abortion which spawned conversations with his catholic wife, and coming back to how through prayer all we need to is "open the gift wrapping paper" of Jesus' gift of forgiveness, no works. And as he is a regular, we discussed picking up these conversations at a later time because his wanted him to go to bed. I bet MD was enjoying the conversation too much :P."

Brenda Kline

Since moving to YC in 2011, my craft "NOOK" has been a venue in which I have been able to share my faith. In the past ten years, there have been over 15 women who have spent time in the Nook. Some of the women have been a part of Cornerstone while others had either no church affiliation or no personal relationship with the Lord. I have also been able to establish personal relationships in our neighborhood. In a relaxed setting, I have been able to share my journey of faith and growth having come out of a dysfunctional family experience. Mike and I have made 12 major moves in our 43 years together. It has been important wherever we have lived to find a church home and establish a "family" since we have always been geographically separated from those with whom we share genetics! In two months, we will be relocating once again as Mike retires from his career in Hydro electricity, Once again, the Nook will be set up in our new home and be an outreach to others. Keep us in prayer as we sell our home and find a new church family in North Carolina. It has been a joy to be a part of the Cornerstone family the past 10 years as we were active in the Worship Team (Brenda as a vocalist, Mike in the Media Center), the Women's Ministry, Senior Sisters ministry, Primetime Bible Fellowship, and more. It was a joy even to be on Staff in the office for a season. Thankfully through social media we won't be strangers to one another as we all together continue to grow, serve and await our Lord's return.