If you are new to the church you might be asking just what is Forward In Faith?  I'm glad you asked. 
Forward In Faith is an initiative that started several years ago.  The initial goal was to raise the needed funds to purchase property to relocate and then seek to build a new facility.  Since that time the LORD closed all of the doors related to relocation but has opened doors to expand by staying right in our neighborhood expanding our ministry and facilities (our home base).  

During the past year as a congregation we purchased 712 and 716 Washington Avenue adjacent to the church property with the funds raised.  A team of dedicated men and women affectionately called the Continue in Christ Team (C.I.C.) has renovated both homes for rentals.  These dedicated individuals saved the congregation $60,000 ($30,000 per home) with donated labor!  Praise the LORD!  Both homes are now rented.

We now own more land in this neighborhood for future ministry expansion.  These two homes have diversified our investment portfolio and are increasing the F.I.F Fund.  Gifts from the congregation continue to be given to this fund.  The Elders want you to know they keep a close watch on the funds to ensure that they are being saved for the next door that the LORD opens for us.  God is upstream and He knows what is next!  We want to be ready for when those doors are opened.  

We are debt free because of your faithful giving and God's grace.  The fund remains strong and is continuing to increase!